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8 Things You Never Knew About Natasha Baker

8 Things You Never Knew About Natasha Baker

You might already know that Paralympic dressage rider and our Ambassador, Natasha Baker has won multiple Gold Medals, but did know these fascinating facts about our rider? Over to you Natasha..

  1. I won ready steady cook in 2008 against Paralympian, Tanni Grey-Thompson.
  2. I used to play violin (badly!) and piano growing up but haven’t played in a long time!
  3. I have a massive needle phobia and whenever I have a general anaesthetic they have to put me to sleep with gas before they can get the cannula near me!
  4. I cannot stand tomatoes and pick them off any food!
  5. I went to university for a full 6 weeks to study business and didn’t enjoy the experience so decided to become a professional rider and aim towards London 2012, luckily it paid off!
  6. I follow slimming world as I have a crazy sweet tooth and it’s the only thing that keeps my weight under control!
  7. I don’t have much sensation in my legs and none in my feet, handy when a horse treads on your toes!!
  8. Everything has a name, my wheelchair is Jordan, my horsebox is Daphne, my car is Pattie. Even my house plants have names!

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