Do any Retailers Stocker the Renwick & Sons Collection.
No, the only place where you can purchase the Renwick & Sons equine collection is here, on our website.

Can I Order and Pay over the Telephone?
For your financial security we unfortunately will not be taking customer’s credit card information over the phone or email. Naturally we will help you navigate our online secure shop checkout over the phone.

Can I Purchase Individual Brushes?
If you have purchased the Renwick & Sons equine collection then you are eligible to purchase replacement individual brushes through us should yours become lost or damaged.

We will require your order number for verification which can be found in your account.

How long will it take for me to receive my brushes after purchase?

Please see our Delivery & Returns page for further information.

Do Renwick & Sons Offer a Guarantee?
As standard, the entire Renwick & Sons collection is guaranteed. We expect each kit to arrive in a pristine condition, and for each item to last a long time.

However, should you be unhappy about any aspect regarding your collection, contact Renwick & Sons and we guarantee to assist in rectifying these issues which you have.

Why Are My Brushes Different Shades?
The nature of working with natural unpainted wood is that the difference in each tree and depending on where in the tree the wood is lumbered from affects the shading of the wood.Over time the colour of your wood will continue to change as well. This is neither a defect nor detrimental to the quality and strength of your wood.

Indeed, over time the colour of your wood will continue to change. This is not a defect, nor does it alter the quality or strength of your wood, it is just what happens with natural wood.

Renwick & Sons Return Policy.
Renwick & Sons will accept returns and offer refunds on unused brushware in the original packaging. However, if personalised embossed straps have been purchased however, their cost will be deducted from the refund.