A Complete Guide To Summer Riding

A Complete Guide To Summer Riding

Summer is the ideal season to enjoy time with your horse. The extended daylight hours, lack of mud and (hopefully) sunshine ensure you get to spend more fun times with your equine friend. In this blog, we share our tips for enjoying your summer in the saddle.

Fly By

Flies are the bane of summer horse management. They are annoying in the field but if your horse is being bothered by them when you are schooling or out hacking it can be even more troublesome. Use an effective fly spray and try and ride at times when the flies are less active. Fly fringes are also helpful.

Longer Daylight Hours

Longer daylight hours take the pressure off us but don’t get caught out on an evening hack. Weather conditions can cut down the amount of daylight, and the last thing you and your horse want is to be finishing your hack on the road at dusk. Regardless of the reflective clothing you and your horse are wearing, hacking out on the roads in failing light is an unsettling and potentially dangerous experience. Plan your route and allow for changeable weather conditions.

Hot To Trot

If the temperatures are set to rise then change your routine to keep him comfortable. Riding earlier or later in the day in cooler weather will ensure that neither of you ends up hot and bothered. Over-exerting your horse in hot weather can be dangerous so it’s always best to air on the side of caution.

Take Advantage Of Technology

From your riding clothing through to the equipment you use on your horse, take advantage of advances in technology to help keep you both cool this summer. Our grooming kit incorporates sophisticated bristle technology to cut down on the amount of hard work it takes to keep your horse’s coat clean and healthy. Our bristles also self-sterilise, making them ideal for use on dried sweat and embedded dirt.

Sun Protection

Don’t forget to apply sunblock to your exposed skin when riding and wear a baseball cap or full sun hat to protect your face and head from the sun. Don’t forget about your horse’s sun protection as well. Some horses (like humans) can be more sensitive to the sun’s rays, so keep an eye out for red skin or peeling and protect with a water-resistant sunblock and UV protective horse wear for larger areas.

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