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Grooming Your Horse With His Comfort In Mind

Grooming Your Horse With His Comfort In Mind

Just like humans, horses can be sensitive souls which is why even in our early developmental horse brush trials we looked to include sensitive skinned horses to test our brushes. Over nearly two years, we tweaked and tested our kit until we created a collection of grooming tools which would be loved by all horses, even horses who, according to their owners or grooms, ‘hated being brushed’.

So, what is our secret?

Technology & Craftsmanship.

By combining innovative bristle technology with traditional British craftsmanship, we were able to create a collection of grooming tools with beautiful form and impeccable function. Not only are our tools incredibly comfortable for the person grooming (all our tools are ergonomically designed) but each tool has been designed for a specific purpose. Featuring a unique combination and pattern of bristles, each tool brings harmony to your grooming routine with exceptional results.

These patterns are replicated with precision thanks to our robotic machinery in-house and allow us to create the perfect combination each time. Consistency in the feel and performance of each brush was incredibly important to both us and of course, you. The only difference you’ll find with each tool is the beauty of the natural wood we use. This varies in colour after the seasoning process and of course grain, but the actual performance of the brush is exactly the same, time and time again.

Consistency and brush performance are fundamental to our family business.

After all, can you imagine trying a friend’s Renwick & Sons’ brushes and then buying the kit only to find your tools performed differently?

Natural bristle brushes can’t boast this same level of performance and, and other synthetic bristles on the market just can’t compete with our level of advanced bristle technology. And, because our brushes take the ‘effort’ out of grooming your horse, you don’t have to put force behind the brushes to get fantastic results – just let the beautifully crafted design and bristle technology do all the hard work for you. Brushing a horse with force, especially a sensitive horse won’t make for a relaxing grooming session for either of you. Grooming offers invaluable bonding time and should be an enjoyable experience.

The Body Brush sits in the centre of every equestrian’s grooming kit, and our version is designed to give your horse a smooth, shiny and healthy looking coat all year around.

Time and time again, we get feedback from horse owners and grooms that the horses that ‘hated being brushed’ now adore being brushed with their Renwick & Sons Grooming Tools. In fact, one of our Ambassadors, Natasha Baker, Gold Medallist and Paralympic Dressage Rider  has a very sensitive horse, Diva. Diva was rather particular when it came to her face being brushed. We use the word ‘was’ because Diva now loves having her face brushed with our baby soft small face brush, designed to fit perfectly into the gullet and crevices of your horses’ face. Now, Diva often falls asleep during her grooming sessions!

Our Finishing Brush is also another huge favourite of owners with sensitive skinned horses and offers a final sweep over and polish after the full grooming session. Like our Face Brush, the Finishing Brush offers unrivalled softness but effectiveness, replacing the traditional wipe over with a cloth; its bristle formation allows you to pick up any surface dust particles. Popular with top professional show horse producers both here and in the USA and Australia, this brush is a firm favourite for a last minute brush off before entering the ring or Championship class.

We believe that grooming your horse should be a pleasurable experience for both of you — an opportunity to bond with your horse and enjoy the grooming session. With our technology, traditional craftsmanship and attention to every detail, we’ve made this a reality.


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