8 Fun Things To Do With Your Horse This Summer

8 Fun Things To Do With Your Horse This Summer

Summer is here in the UK, and we hope that all of you are enjoying reasonable weather wherever you and your horses may be based. This month, we share some fun experiences and inspirational ideas that you can enjoy with your horse. Time to look for an equestrian adventure that offers something different!


  1. Stay In A Log Cabin & Stables Set In The Forest

This horsey experience is in the heart of the Delamere Forest in Cheshire. This fabulous countryside escape features log cabin style accommodation for you, stabling for your horses and an all-weather outdoor arena on site. Enjoy a long and leisurely hack in Cheshire’s largest woodland area. You can even pre-book a cross-country ride just 5 minutes away! Look for an equestrian adventure that offers something different.


  1. Try Your Horse Side-Saddle

This elegant and classical way of riding has stood the test of time. Discover this very different way of travel, and if you fall in love with it, you can ride ‘aside’ across so many disciplines or enjoy riding out in this elegant manner. For UK Riders, contact the Side-Saddle Association for information on how to get started.


  1. Head For The Beach

Riding on a beach is a wonderful experience and highly recommended by our team. Remember to check access rights and times (which may vary throughout the year) and also tidal times to ensure you and your horse enjoy the experience to the full and stay safe.


  1. Take A MasterClass In TurnOut

Book yourself and your horse in for a one to one session with a top professional groom for a showing make-over that could transform your horse into a show ring superstar. Our very own Renwick & Sons Endorsee Jenni Savolainen ‘Top Turn Out’,  is an expert in quarter marks and plaiting perfection and travels around the UK with her clinics. If you are based outside of the UK or simply want to discover Jenni’s top turnout secrets for success, join our Newsletter for exclusive content from Jenni that you won’t find elsewhere.


  1. Take Your Horse On Holiday

If you fancy a holiday away with your best (equine) friend then this horsey holiday at Hoste Barn in Norfolk in the UK is the perfect fit. You’ll stay in a stunning converted barn, and your horse will sleep in a spacious brick built loose box on site. The ideal base from which to discover new local bridlepaths, you can return from a long hack cross country to relax and unwind in the tranquil surroundings of this gorgeous venue. Wherever you choose to holiday with your horse in the world, make sure his accommodation is as comfortable as yours.


  1. Go Back To Bootcamp

Whether it’s going back to basics or polishing up on your riding skills, a boot camp style trip could be the ideal way and most productive way to spend the weekend with your horse. The Talland School Of Equitation in Gloucestershire, UK offers a range of riding breaks and can tailor your perfect break for you. Choose a boot camp formula that you and your horse will both enjoy, or even try a new discipline!


  1. Book A Photoshoot With Your Horse

Summer is the perfect time to book in a photography session with an equestrian portrait photographer to create lasting memories of you and your horse, which you’ll treasure forever. Choose your best competition outfits or dare to be different and wear something spectacular for your photo shoot.


  1. Organise A Training Clinic At Your Yard

Whether dressage is your thing or show-jumping your passion, why not club together with everyone at your yard and organise a clinic day with an external instructor. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on the ground and a new perspective on your training can inject new life into your schooling sessions and give you more tools to work with.


We hope our suggestions have inspired you. For some more great ideas, why not take a look at our Complete Guide To Summer Riding.

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